Monday, August 27, 2012

My Android selection

I recently moved to Android. Starting with a cheap but excellent Archos A80s G9 Turbo 16GB TI OMAP4430 dual core 1,2GHz with 3G usb stick. It was one of the first tablets to get official ICS support and it has a very good XDA support for rooting and custom roms. Last week I replaced my old Samsung B7610 Pro Windows Mobile 6.5 phone for a Sony Xperia Sola MT27i Android 2.3.7 rooted and custom rom SSpeed. The ICS update should become available soon.

A list of my favorite applications I found very useful:

  • TeamViewer: free easy VNC with no firewall configuration
  • Google Reader: RSS reader
  • AirDroid: manage your Android device via browser in local network
  • Roboform: manage all your passwords securely and automated login/saving. Synchronized in cloud for full desktop synchronization and making sure you’ve your passwords everywhere in sync.
  • PhoneAlarm: never miss a new reminder/sms/mail/call by repeating the notification
  • IM+: connect all chat accounts at once (Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, Skype, Yahoo, etc)
  • TriCount: easy track and calculate group expenses
  • GoldenDict: offline dictionary compatible with the enormous Babylon dictionaries and custom Babylon dicts
  • myShopi: grocery list to remember what to buy in which shop, integrated list of shops and their opening hours, coupons and recipes
  • Smart Tools: use compass, gyro, accelerometer, flashlight, camera to measure etc
  • Opera mobile: browser
  • Business Calendar: many calendar look and feel options
  • Weather Service Pro: weather info and widget, still able to show cached info while offline (unlike many others)
  • Shazam Encore: record short music to get full info on artist, offline record possible to get full info later while online
  • TVGids 2.0: TV schedule overview compatible with Belgian tv
  • Mixologist: good looking bar and mix info
  • Knots3D: info on how to tie knots, with full usage info and 3D details
  • Car Locator: locate your car, automatically save car location when disconnection Bluetooth car headset
  • Sygic drive: offline GSP navigation, download maps
  • FolderSync: file manager and synchronization of all cloud storage service (Amazon S3,, dropbox, ftp, google docs, google drive, netdocuments, sftp, SkyDrive, SMB, SugarSync, Ubuntu One, WebDAV)
  • FileExpert: filemanager with integrated zip and rar archive support
  • AutomateIt: automate tasks, alternative for Tasker
  • Find My Phone: retrieve phone GPS location by sending special SMSs with password or make your phone ring on max volume level by sending specific sms (even when phone is muted and offline)
  • Ultra Keyboard: keyboard with many customization options and multi clipboard
  • Camera Zoom FX: camera app with special effects and optimized quality
  • Gallery Excluder: exclude some folder to be shown in Android default image gallery
  • OneNote: MS Office OneNote synchronized notes
  • Evernote: notes saved in cloud
  • Call Log Calendar: keep track of each call and SMSs in specific calendars
  • Convertor Pro: convert any kind of sizes, currencies, dates, time, etc
  • Mantano Reader: ebook and pdf reader with good options and compatible with most formats
  • Google translate: translate text
  • Kingsoft Office: excellent MS Office document viewer and editor , free!
  • NeverLate: traffic information

Besides those, some other standard well know applications known by everyone (eg facebook, gmail, whatsapp, youtube, etc).

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