Thursday, February 19, 2009

BareGrep + BareTail + UltraEdit

Monitoring very large (log)files can be done very easily with BareGrep and BareTail. Those very little applications can make a big difference when it comes to productivity and speed during monitoring of production critical systems.

Although the applications are running fine, I was often missing some small extra features. So I made some small AutoHotKey script to get what I wanted:
  • Within BareGrep: press Ctrl+Shift+U: open the file in UltraEdit and scroll to the line that was selected within BareGrep
  • Within BareGrep: press Ctrl+Shift+F: open the selected file in BareTail and find the selected line.
Besides these extra keyboard shortcuts, I also made some registry changes to add extra options in the context menu when right-clicking on a file or folder: 'Grep this folder' option will be added, which will launch BareGrep with the correct folder selected.

My complete automated setup of BareTail+ can be downloaded here. All source files are included.

Tested on Windows XP, no uninstaller available.
Update 14/09/2010: new version of AutoHotKeyScript with properties for paths of BareGrep, BareTail and editor. New version of the 'grep this folder' explorer integration.

Update 23/11/2010 v1.1: new version with support for Notepad++ editor linenumber syntax ( -n)
Update 10/03/2016 v2.0: new version with support for Ctrl+Shift+e to view selected file in Explorer, Ctrl+Shift+N (same as Ctrl+Shift+U) open selected file in text editor, integrate admin elevation when enabling or disabling explorer integration to write to registry, store user config in %userprofile% dir instead of program files dir so no admin elevation is required for preference update and config storage.

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