Monday, February 23, 2009

My "Windows Explorer extensions" selection

While Using Windows XP (Pro), I installed a lot of extra extensions, to tweak it and make it work as I prefer. Below, one can find a selection of my preferred Windows Explorer tweaks:
  • Copy Path: provides extra options to copy the path of a selected file
  • QTTabBar: provides a tabbed interface within Windows Explorer
  • FindTarget: adds a context menu option when right clicking on a shortcut file and allows you to open the folder were the real file resides (batch file .bat)
  • Pretty Print: adds a context menu option when right clicking on an .xml file and allows you to easily PrettyPrint the file (apply correct indentations, see previous post in this blog)
  • ResHack: adds a context menu option when right clicking on a .exe file and allows you to easily open the file with ResHacker. This little tool can be used to change/extract resource used by the executable file.
  • Grep this folder, Tail this file: extra context menu options to easily grep within all files in a folder (and subfolders), and context menu option to easily tail the selected file (see previous post in this blog)
  • Unlocker: application that can detect when a file is locked, and allows you to release the lock so one can delete/move/rename/overwrite/... the file or release your external disk/stick.
  • New folder button: extra button in the explorer toolbar (and F12) to easily create a new folder within the current folder (press shift + enter to open the folder immediately after creating)
    NOT needed for Windows 7: press Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Open command window here: extra context menu option when right clicking on a file or a folder to easily open a command (cmd) windows at the current folder. (batch file .bat)
  • Aero cursor: better looking mouse cursor, the same as used in Windows Vista
  • Junctions: junctions / symbolic links / hard links context menu. Most programs see junctions as standard folders, while these are links to folders at other locations.
Download all required files for all these extensions at once here.

Update 27/03/2009: Easy-setup exe files create for aero cursor and copy path. Small registry mistake solved in ‘Open command window here’ script. Updated package with all files.

Update 12/03/2010: Updated to Dropbox links.

Update 12/05/2012: New copy path tool, Junctions added.

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