Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WinLogTail - freeware log viewer, monitor and analyzer

Another great little tool to follow up (large) log files: WinLogTail. Very nice, but compared to BareTail, we are still  missing a feature: the tabbed interface to easily open and monitor many log files at once.

Features of WinLogTail:

  • fast open and browse log files, regardless of file size
  • monitor log file for changes live - as new log lines are appended, they are instantly visible in WinLogTail
  • "rules" for highlighting, searching and alerting
  • rules use either regular expressions or simplified order-insensitive logical patterns
  • highlighting: specify font style, foreground and background color for any log line according to its content (for example, red color for lines with word "error")
  • searching: output certain lines to "filtered view" (also updated live)
  • alerting: you can send WinLogTail to background, and it will flash window or play sound as soon as specific line is appended to the log file
  • context scrolling: click a line in filtered view, and the main view will scroll to the relevant position
  • can define multiple rules at once, modify, delete, rearrange, deactivate etc
  • import and export rules
  • command-line options to quickly select file, rules and operation mode
  • copy to clipboard or export to file - in plain text, RTF or HTML formats
  • small executable file with no installation and external dependencies
  • free

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