Thursday, July 2, 2009

SpeedTouch ADSL router patch

Below is shown how to flash a SpeedTouch router with a new firmware when the administrator password is not known, and then patch the SpeedTouch 716v5 router to disable the ADSL modem and use it as a standard 3-port lan router, 1 port will be used for incoming internet (wan). The configuration was provided by Thomson.

Recently we had to leave Tele2 with theire very nice unlimited offering. We joined Telenet because we coulnd't connect but through a coax cable in our new house.

For Tele2, we had to buy a ADSL modem + router, the Thomson Alcatel SpeedTouch 716v5. It's a very nice router with Wifi and VOIP integrated. Since this router was still working fine, I didn't want to throw it away. But the problem is that Tele2 puts an administrator password on it, and they didn't want to remove the password or provide it to me. To flash a new rom on the router, you also need to have the administrator password.

I was able to find a method to flash a new rom on the router without having the administrator rights. I flashed this (afterwards I used rom onto it:

-connect your computer with a lan cable to the SpeedTouch router

-assign a static ip to your network card, you can just copy the settings you got when you received an IP from the DHCP

-start the flashing by executing the upgrade file

-when the upgrade requests for the router password, use a small screwdriver to push the reset button and keep this reset button pressed. In the meantime power off the SpeedTouch and power it on again. Keep on pressing the reset button and wait for 10 - 15 seconds. The power led will blink red, now you can release the reset button.

-Quickly press back on the upgrade flasher, the software will search again for the SpeedTouch device and continue the upgrade without requesting the administrator password.

I had to do it over some times before all went right, but at the end I managed to flash the default SpeedTouch716v5 rom v and afterwards v6.2.29.2

Once the default rom is installed, you will have Administrator rights by logging in using: username Administrator and emtpy password.

Next, I configured the router to not use ADSL modem anymore, but use the 4th lan port as incoming internet connection and distribute the internet over Wifi and the remaining 3 lan ports with the build in DHCP server. The commands must be put in using telnet: Start -> Run -> cmd -> telnet, login with user Administrator and password (empty by default).

:ppp relay flush
:ppp flush
:eth flush
:atm flush
:atm phonebook flush
:eth bridge ifdelete intf=ethport4
:eth ifadd intf=eth_wan
:eth ifconfig intf=eth_wan dest=ethif4
:eth ifattach intf=eth_wan
:ip ifadd intf=ip_wan_eth dest=eth_wan
:ip ifconfig intf=ip_wan_eth status=up
:ip ifattach intf=ip_wan_eth
:nat ifconfig intf=ip_wan_eth translation=enabled
:dhcp client ifadd intf=ip_wan_eth
:dhcp client ifconfig intf=ip_wan_eth metric=5 dnsmetric=5
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=dhcp-lease-time
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=dhcp-renewal-time
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=dhcp-rebinding-time
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=subnet-mask
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=classless-static-routes
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=default-routers
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=classfull-static-routes
:dhcp client rqoptions add intf=ip_wan_eth option=domain-name-servers
:dhcp client ifattach intf=ip_wan_eth

You can now connect your incoming internet connection on LAN port 4 and the internet will be distributed over the other LAN ports and Wifi. I tested this method with rom version 6.2. But then the internet was only distributed over the 3 remaining LAN ports, and not over the WIFI connections.
Update 18/04/2010: working with

Finaly, I configured VOIP. I find out Weepee was very cheap and working very well so far. They have a very fast email support. To get a Weepee fixed line telephone number it costs 9 euros. One time fee! You can chose to receive a new number or transfer your existing fixed number, either way it will cost only 9euros. After this one time cost, you only have to pay for the calls you make, and the rates are very competitive.

To configure Weepee VOIP on my SpeedTouch, I used these VOIP settings:

SIP URI: SIP username provided by Weepee (12 numbers, starting with 32)

Username: SIP username provided by Weepee (12 numbers, starting with 32)

Password: SIP password provided by Weepee

Displayname: SIP username provided by Weepee

Abbreviated number: SIP username provided by Weepee

Port: Phone 1

Expert VOIP configuration:

Registrar: SIP server provided by Weepee,

Registrar Port: 5060

Proxy: SIP server provided by Weepee,

Proxy prot: 5060

Expire time: 3600

That should do the trick. I hope someone else can benefit from it.

Update: 8/11/2009

WeePee now has native support for Skype over VOIP. You can be called and make calls for free over Skype. To make it work you'll need to follow these steps:

- Login into WeePee client configuration panel:

- Go to 'Information' -> 'Skype'. As mentioned on this page, you need a Skype Business Account. You'll need to create a new account through the Skype Business Account User management panel using the Skype button 'Create a business account'. (It doesn't work by registering an existing account into Skype Business)

- When the Skype business account is created, you'll need to login once using Skype normally. This way, you'll be able to add your contacts into this account too.

- Now you can provided the Skype username and password of the Skype Business Account into WeePee client configuration panel. Click on the 'Create' button to connect Skype into Weepee. Your status should change to 'Online'.

- To make calls over Skype through WeePee, click on the tab menu 'Short numbers' within the WeePee client configuration panel. For each of your Skype contacts, add a shortcode by adding the 'skype#<skypeusername>' for each shortcode. No you can call your Skype contacts by calling for example '25' from your phone.

Update 09/04/2010: new link for speedtouch rom

Update 18/04/2010: new rom version which works with the specific lan configuration


  1. I was able to find a method to flash a new rom on the router without having the administrator rights. I flashed this (mirror) rom onto it:

    See up in the original posting: the links under "this" and "(mirror)" don't seem to work.

    If I download the file and try to run it, I get a message "this is not a valid Win32 application".

    Can anyone help me on this matter?

    thank you!

  2. Thank you very much for this extremely useful blog entry!
    I managed to reset factory settings (including password) the first time I tried, by doing exactly as you described. I only needed the first step though: I'm planning to keep using my speedtouch as an ADSL modem with my present provider EDPnet.

  3. I followed your superbly written instructions, and now everything works perfectly. Thanks for providing the flash upgrade making your entry the only place I needed to go to get the router reset / up and running. Once I was able to get into settings, it was nice to see that the router allowed me to alter the DHCP IP pool. This was required for my installation because the Speedtouch is not the primary router, but hangs off a LAN port belonging to another router because the original router has wifi. The original router uses 192.168.1.x , so does the speedtouch by default. If I wasn't able to alter one of them, I would have had an IP fight on my hands!! Thanks very much for taking the time to write this blog.

  4. I'm happy to see this was useful for some people! Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the second life of your router... ;)

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