Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mouse rocker gestures

Mouse Rocker
Based on the AutoHotKey script from Adam Pash on the Lifehacker site, I made my own version to fit my personal mouse rocker gesture needs.

Basically, a mouse rocker gesture requires that you press one mouse button, hold it down, then press the other. You can rock across the mouse from right-to-left or left-to-right; each direction you rock gives you a different result. Once you get used to this gesture, the name makes perfect sense, and you'll wonder why you weren't mouse rocking your whole life.

I changed the way the script is configured so one can now easily add process names in the rocker.ini file to change the behaviour for a specific application. And I added extra navigation combinations so one should be able to easily make it fit his own needs.
For example in excel you can now easily switch to the next or previous tabbed sheet using mouse rocker gestures. UltraEdit switching between open files is also supported by sending 'Alt + up' or 'Alt + down' keys with the mouse rocker gestures. On first run, it will now also ask if you want to start the tool automatically during windows start. The ini file is created on first run in the directory from where the rocker.exe file is launched. The different groups denote the keys that will be send when a mouse rocker gesture is detected, one can easily add or remove any process name to change the behaviour in a specific application.

No installation is required, just download the zip file, extract and run the exe. The AutoHotKey source script is included in the zip file.

Update 19/02/2011: links updated

Update 20/12/2017: links updated


  1. Hey,
    have you still got the script and exe? Unfortunately the links are broken and I'd really like to try your improved version. (and also Adam's links are broken, too - so this would be a way to get the exe without compiling Adam's script myself ^^)
    So it would be really nice if you could upload it once again or post the complete script so one can compile it. :)
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks for you comment Merlin2001! I've update the post with working links.

  3. Thank you very much!! I really like the special key groups feature - although I wonder what process name I have to add to make sheet changing in OpenOffice Calc work. I tried scalc.exe, soffice.exe and office.bin (and combinations of them) and none worked out for me. The shortcut is the same as with Excel: CTRL + PGUP/PGDN

    Do you have any ideas?
    Otherwise a really great helper for my daily life - I really got used to the rocker gesture since I'm an Opera user for a looooooooong time :D

  4. You should be able to see that info in the taskmanagern, but probably you tried all possibilities already. I don't use OpenOffice myself so I can't test it now.
    Make sure you edit the correct ini file, the one in the same folder as the mouse rocker exe (maybe you have multiple copies without knowing), test with some other program that does work by removing and adding it again.
    You can also get more information on the active process by using 'Active Window Info' application. I converted this script to an exe, you can download it here:

  5. Thank you for the great support, it works! :)

    I just tried it in the wrong place (mouse cursor over a cell), it works fine when I use the rocker gesture on a free part of the status bar for example.

    Again, it's just a great tool!!!