Thursday, September 23, 2010

Userfriendly encryption (on USB sticks)

Previously, I always used FreeOTFE to encrypt personal files on my USB sticks. The problem is that I don't find the 'FreeOTFE Explorer' very user friendly and safe, since files need to be exported before you can open them. This 'FreeOTFE Explorer' is the only way to use a FreeOTFE encrypted container on a pc with no administrator rights.
So now I found a better little tool: Rohos Mini Drive.

  • free (official 2GB encrypted disk limited for freeware, but disks created with the free Rohos Disk Browser can be as large as you want)

  • easy to use, with AES 256bit encryption

  • unique on-the-fly encryption with no administrator rights, the disk browser allows working with files as regular (double click any file to open it immediately)

Download Rohos Min Drive 2,2MB.

When setting up a USB stick with Rohos, it will copy the 'Rohos Mini.exe' and 'Rohos Disk Browser' to your USB stick. You can always use the 'Rohos Mini.exe', if it detects you have currently no administrator rights, it will automatically open the Disk Browser application (located in a hidden folder [drive]:\_rohos\rbrowser.exe).

Btw, Rohos has some other very nice applications as well, like the Rohos Face Logon to login in Windows with webcam (or see a picture of people who tried to break into your computer)...


  1. Hi!

    I want try out this tool because I cannot user Truecrypt with not admin rights. If I am right I have to download only the Rohos Disk Browser if I want a larger encrypted file than 2GB. I don't need Rohos Mini.

  2. indeed, we are using the rohos disk browser with a 3GB encrypteed disk ;)