Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MoWes Portable + OS Commerce 2.2 / 3.0a

I wanted to play with OS Commerce. Since this is written in PHP I needed some portable PHP, Apache and MySQL package. MoWes Portable does exactly what I was looking for and they offer some very nice online MoWes Mixer so anyone can easily create it’s own portable package (choice in version, packages, etc.). I created my own package with OSCommerce v2.2, v3.0a and phpMyAdmin. I added extra languages and applied some standard configuration/tweaks to make it immediately usable in Belgium.

Full package download containing MoWes Portable 2, Apache2_SE, MySQL5_SE, PHP52, MediaWiki, OpenDB, OS_Commerce 2.2, OS_Commerce 3.0a, phpBB3 and PHPMyAdmin.

VirtueMartVirtueMart is a similar open source project, but build within Joomla!. For me they seem very similar in the provided functionality. Joomla and thus VirtueMart can be integrated within MoWes as well using the MoWes mixer.

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