Monday, May 11, 2009

LogExpert - Windows tail freeware

Today I tested yet another Windows tail application, LogExpert, and I was very amazed with its features!
It has most of the features I'm used to work with in BareTail Pro, like adding some filters (regex) or highlighting lines matching some text. And unlike WinLogTail, it does support opening multiple files at one with a tabbed interface as in BareTail.
Besides all this, I really appreciate the following functions:
  • run some specified application and providing some information of the selected line. This way, one can easily open the tailed file within UltraEdit on the selected line.
  • parse the timestamps of a log file and show these in separated columns
  • freeze some columns to make these alway be shown and only scrolling other columns (horizontal scrolling)
  • advanced filtering with possibility to show some lines before or after the line matching your filter
  • activate an 'edit' mode to easily copy some parts of a line
  • add some bookmarks and comments on a line to easily find these back afterwards
  • support for multifiles (show files as app.log, app.log1, app.log2, etc as one big file)
  • support for different files provided on the command line while opening, so the scripts we used to open many files with BareTail also work with LogExpert (but opening many files from shared drives is not as lighting fast as with BareTail)

So, compared to BareTail it has many benefits and it's completely free! But one should know, it's not always as fast and stable as BareTail, but so far it worked very well for me.

Some nice screenshots (but those only show a small subset of all it's features):

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